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Sitecore User Group France – 16-11-2022

We are back from Sitecore Symposium 2022 and were anxious to share with the community all the new announcements and exciting news. I really enjoyed hosting the session and, as usual, spending time with my colleagues and good friends Ugo Quaisse and Ramkumar Nambhi organizing it, find more details here. We came up with a…

Dockershim (Docker) runtime deprecation on AKS and how to fix our Sitecore containers

If you upgraded AKS recently (to v1.23+), you might have noticed some containers stopped working, most of the time failing to start with messages like “Error: failed to start containerd task “solr”: hcs::System::CreateProcess solr: The system cannot find the file specified.: unknown”. As we spent quite some time researching those issues and also contacted Sitecore…


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Sitecore User Group France organizer

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Hi, I’m Miguel. I’m a certified Sitecore and .NET solution architect, I was born in Argentina but I’m living in Paris. Find more about me here!

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